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Image - Health

IoT in healthcare

Transforming lives and businesses


At Vodafone, we support health and social care providers across the world to benefit from the new opportunities digital tools and better access to data can bring.
From improving patient outcomes to delivering a better care giver experience, we’re at the forefront of making this happen with innovative technology and super-fast connectivity.

Securely connected healthcare

Vodafone IoT in Health

Watch this video to see the digital transformation of health & social care taking place today

Making the delivery of health & social care more efficient

Our products connect clinicians to clinicians, clinicians to patients, patients with care facilities, care facilities to equipment manufacturers – we work across the supply chain to help the provision of healthcare become more efficient.

We design solutions to enable health providers to work smarter, faster and better. We can integrate patient devices with our hardware, software and connectivity meaning care givers can monitor everything in real time, maintaining stock levels, providing medication reminders and receiving patient alerts.

We know that security is more important than ever which is why with Vodafone your data is always protected and will be encrypted to the highest standards. .


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