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Gigabit Thinking

If we can imagine it, we can create it. A blog that explores what’s possible.

Why you can’t let the economy cool your ESG commitments

ESG programs are no longer merely nice-to-haves. This does not change in a tough economy.

Get real: three reasons to invest in network infrastructure

Software solutions are exciting, but strategic IT leaders should think of three reasons to invest in infrastructure first.

Keeping ExtremeE race drivers safe with Vodafone and Proximie

Demonstrating how ExtremeE used our MPN technology and Proximie’s digital surgery platform to facilitate real-time information exchange.

Number Verify: secure next-generation authentication

In today's digital age, the phone number has become an integral part of our online identities and a reliable form of identification.

2Africa subsea cable lands in South Africa’s Eastern Cape

The world’s largest subsea cable reaches South Africa’s Eastern Cape, providing international connectivity for faster, more reliable internet services.

Welcome to 2023

Before we jump into another extraordinary year, let's look back at what we achieved in Vodafone Business in 2022.

Technology is helping the public sector improve lives

How can the public sector benefit from the most promising areas for digital and sustainable innovation? Fabian Best, the Head of International Public Sector at Vodafone Business is here to explain.

Optimising global supply chains and becoming more sustainable

How can global supply chains respond to customers valuing sustainability more and more? Find out from our interview with industry leaders.

Defining inclusion through technology accessibility

Today’s technology not only delivers new levels of accessibility to people with disabilities but can also foster inclusion in companies.