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Vodafone and Qualcomm continue preparations for the introduction of 5G smartphones

28 Jan 2019Technology news
2 minute read

Vodafone recently conducted a successful ‘over the air’ (OTA) 5G data call on a mobile smartphone form-factor test device powered by the Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ X50 5G modem and antenna modules with integrated radio frequency (RF) transceiver, RF front-end and antenna elements. The call took place at Vodafone’s 5G lab in Dusseldorf as we continue preparing for the launch of 5G services.

A Qualcomm Technologies 5G smartphone mobile test device. Photo rights: Qualcomm Technologies

In the lab, an OTA 5G connection between Qualcomm Technologies’ smartphone mobile test device and our 5G network equipment was established.

The call demonstrates that infrastructure and devices are working together to enable the launch of 5G.

The tests were run in non-standalone mode, with a 4G anchor band (B1, 2100Mhz) and New Radio (NR) on 3.5Ghz (n78).

Previously, many tests like this have taken place using large test boxes or test devices that need to be plugged into electricity sources.

Through these tests, we have shown that not only are 5G calls now possible on devices of a similar size and shape to those which will reach the market – but also that there can be successful interoperability between 5G device and network partners.

Following this OTA call, we conducted similar 5G trials in labs in Portugal and Italy in collaboration with Qualcomm Technologies.

“Successful trials like this will enable Vodafone to be a 5G quality leader in our major markets and ensure network readiness when the first commercial smartphones are available,” said Francisco Martin, Head of Radio Product, Vodafone Group.

“This successful 5G over-the-air call shows that the commercialisation of 5G is nearing reality, and we look forward to working with Vodafone and the rest of the 5G ecosystem to help bring commercial 5G to businesses and consumers in 2019,” said Dino Flore, vice president, technology, Qualcomm Europe, Inc.

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