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Vodafone Germany has acquired important radio spectrum for next-generation 5G mobile networks at the Federal Network Agency auction for a total cost of €1.88 billion.  It has secured a valuable 90 MHz in the 3.6 GHz band and 40 MHz of 2100 MHz spectrum.

Vodafone Germany has achieved its overall auction objective and secured additional spectrum through to 2040. Vodafone Germany has acquired a total of 130 MHz, comprising:

  • 3.6 GHz – 90 MHz for €1.073 billion, available following the auction with a licence term through to 2040.

  • 2100 MHz – 40 MHz for €806.5 million, comprising 2 x 15 MHz available from 2021 and 2 x 5 MHz available from 2026, both with licence terms through to 2040.  This provides continuity and expansion of existing services in this band.

Vodafone Group Chief Executive Nick Read commented: “Vodafone is committed to bring the full benefits of a digital society to Germany through our gigabit network including 5G. We believe it is important to have a balance between the price paid for spectrum and our strong desire to create an inclusive society through investment in mobile network coverage.”

Vodafone Germany has the following spectrum holdings before and after the auction:

Existing Holding



700 MHz

2 x 10 MHz

2 x 10 MHz

800 MHz

2 x 10 MHz

2 x 10 MHz

900 MHz

2 x 10 MHz

2 x 10 MHz

1500 MHz

20 MHz

20 MHz

1800 MHz

2 x 25 MHz

2 x 25 MHz

2100 MHz

2 x 15 MHz

1 x 5 MHz

2 x 15 MHz

2 x 5 MHz

2 x 20 MHz (from 2021)

1 x 5 MHz (exp end 2020)

2600 MHz

2 x 20 MHz

1 x 25 MHz

2 x 20 + 25 MHz


1 x 42 MHz#

1 x 90 MHz

1 x 90 MHz

# this would be relinquished on award of the 90 MHz.

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