M-Pesa is the leading provider of mobile money and accessible financial services via app and USSD in Africa. It connects 48mn consumers, merchants, agents and large enterprises to financial and digital lifestyle service providers. In financial year 2021, €228bn was transacted on the M-Pesa platform (€26m per hour on average) across Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique, Egypt, DRC, Ghana and Lesotho. Our vision is to offer the best Super Apps in Africa so that users can access all services they need from one single app. This video introduces our Super App for Consumers.

As shown in this video, we provide SMEs with the digital toolbox they need to manage their businesses. This includes services such as payment acceptance, order management, payroll services and working capital funding.

Thanks to the development of “Pay by M-Pesa”, customers can now transact with global merchants via a range of open APIs that offer merchants a range of features including collections, FX management and settlement to enable their business. To learn more please watch this video  or contact [email protected]

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