Forest Connected Carbon Absorption

Using high-resolution satellite imagery captured by Maxar and integrated with Vodafone IoT, this solution combines satellite imagery with field information to build inventories of ground tree mass, which is then analysed to determine how much CO2 the trees are absorbing.

All the information is collected on an online platform that can be checked from anywhere and the solution is designed to meet the United Nations REDD+ program for the reduction of emissions derived from deforestation and the degradation of forests.


Fig. 1.- Maxar’s WorldView 3 Satellite, state-of-the-art at commercial very high resolution multispectral imagery monitoring.

Heat image
Maxar logo

Fig. 2.- AR/VR mobile application used for ground truthing and mobile LiDAR data capturing process seamlessly with Remote Sensing VHR data

Fig. 3.- Carbon absorption analysis at 30 cm resolution processing and up to 16 multispectral VNIR and SWIR bands.

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