ReConnect – bringing skilled people back into the workforce

ReConnect – bringing skilled people back into the workforce

Launched in 2016 across all our markets, our ReConnect initiative aims to bring talented women back into the workplace after a career break. The programme includes training, coaching and a specially designed induction to help those returning to refresh and enhance the professional skills they need to return to work and progress their careers. ReConnect joiners are also offered flexible working options and a phased return to work.

Our target is to hire 1,000 ReConnect women across our markets by 2020. To date, 310 women have been recruited through the programme. While there are a significant number of vacancies on offer at Vodafone at all times, it is important to ensure we match the skills the roles require with those of the candidates who have applied. We do not always find the appropriate skills mix in the ReConnect candidates who apply. This year we will be launching a new, more targeted campaign to attract women with the skills we need for the future, with a particular focus on digital talent.