Find out about our vision to use communications technology to contribute to sustainable living in the 26 markets in which we operate


Vodafone’s ambition is to contribute to sustainable living by delivering connectivity and innovative services to our customers, while maintaining the trust of our stakeholders by behaving ethically and responsibly wherever we operate.

Communications technology is already a vital tool in people’s lives, helping to transform the services we rely on and the way we live and work. It is also playing an important role in addressing global challenges by bringing the internet to remote communities in emerging markets. That same technology is connecting machines to other machines through the Internet of Things, enabling organisations to improve their efficiency using real-time information from objects such as vehicles and smart meters.

Exploring opportunities to help people improve their lives and livelihoods through our technology is central to our vision. Our mobile money transfer product, M-Pesa, is a well-established and expanding part of our business. It has become a platform for a range of services that are transforming people’s ability to pay for goods and services, save and obtain insurance, as well as providing access to up-to-date information to support farmers and small businesses. We are also partnering with our enterprise customers, NGOs and government agencies to help deliver services that can improve access to education and healthcare, and enhance agricultural productivity.

Our products and services can also play an important role in tackling one of the biggest global challenges we face – climate change. Our Machine-to-Machine (M2M) technologies help organisations reduce their energy use and carbon emissions, enabling them to operate more sustainably. At the same time, we continue to work hard to minimise our own carbon footprint by improving energy efficiency and using more renewable energy. With this in mind, we have set a new goal to help our customers save double the amount of carbon we generate from our own operations within the next three years.

Operating responsibly is critical to maintaining the trust of our stakeholders, protecting our reputation and achieving our vision. Our priority is to protect our customers’ information and respect their privacy, which is fundamental to maintaining their trust. We have a long-standing commitment to conduct our business ethically, which is supported by our strong and embedded compliance and Speak Up programmes.

Our extensive disclosure on issues such as law enforcement assistance and tax demonstrates our strong commitment to transparency on issues of critical and public interest.

We will continue to identify and manage emerging risks and look for ways to turn them into opportunities where we can, as in doing so, we believe we will continue to strengthen both our business and our reputation.

Our vision

Delivering transformational solutions

Mobile technology is improving livelihoods and people’s quality of life globally. We are exploring commercial opportunities where our products and services can bring further benefits to society and we are researching the potential for our technology to further contribute to sustainable living.

Operating responsibly

Operating responsibly is essential to our licence to operate and delivers commercial advantages to our business, helping to turn potential risks into opportunities. By acting with honesty and integrity we can secure the trust of our customers, which is integral to the long-term success of our business.

Current focus areas