Can I choose the markets that I want to be a Service Partner in?

Yes, if you prefer to be a Partner in some markets in which Vodafone operates and not in others we can discuss this.

I am very interested in this but not sure if my service fits the Passes you currently have?

We may add more Passes in the future; however, apps, websites and digital content providers that fall outside of the passes can still be accessed by customers using their general purpose data pack as before.

Can I join more than one Pass?

We have structured the Passes in such a way that any specific app or digital service would be in only one Pass. If you create and market multiple distinct apps or digital services they would be assigned to a single Pass. In this case one company could have different apps or digital services in all four Passes. Please use the contact form to register your interest and we can agree the best fit Pass for your app or service.

When will I know if my application to be a Service Partner has been accepted?

We will respond back to you within 30 days of receipt of your completed application form and completed NDA.

What happens to my service if I am not a Service Partner?

There is no change to what happens today, Vodafone customers will still be able to use your app, or digital service using the general purpose data included in their plans.