Report online concerns

If something does go wrong online, you need to know what action you can take. As with any concerns you might have about your child, you’ll have your own way of talking about it with them and dealing with it. For more serious digital issues, you might also feel that you need to report it.

Here we give you an overview of the main ways you can report inappropriate (e.g. bullying) and potentially illegal online content. While reporting content to an online service provider doesn’t guarantee it will be removed, many of them take safety and security very seriously so they will investigate and take the appropriate action.

It’s worth bearing in mind that making a formal report could help improve the experience for all users of that service and may also help to protect other young people from worry and harm. If you sense that your child or another child is in immediate danger, call 999 or contact your local police.

Report your concerns to 10 of the main online service providers 

Ask FM

If your child comes across inappropriate content on, click the flag next to the post and select the reason why it’s inappropriate.


Disney Club Penguin

To report a mean or inappropriate player on Club Penguin, just click on their Penguin avatar and then the M icon. This action will alert the dedicated moderating team, who will then investigate and take action where necessary.


Facebook has tools for reporting inappropriate behaviour, including suspected grooming, on every piece of content.


If you’ve set up Google Safe Search but your child is still able to access inappropriate content, you can report it to Google for investigation.


To report a post, tap the three dots below it, then select Report Inappropriate and follow the instructions. There’s more information at Instagram’s Privacy and Safety Center, which you can access via its Help Center.

Moshi Monsters

To report an inappropriate pinboard message and remove it from public view, click the X or M button on the message.


You can report unwelcome messages via the XMB menu. Under Friends, select the message on PS3, or highlight the message you’d like to report on PS4. Press the Triangle button, and select Grief Report on PS3, or Submit Grief Report on PS4.


To report an abusive post, click or tap the three dots next to the tweet, select Report and choose It’s Abusive or Harmful. To report a user’s profile, click or tap the gear icon on their profile and follow the same process. In both cases, you’ll be asked to provide more information.


To report inappropriate content or conduct related to your child’s Vodafone mobile, click on Contact Us at the bottom of the Vodafone website to see your options.


If you think a video violates YouTube’s Community Guidelines, you can flag it by clicking on the More button below the video player, then highlighting and clicking the Report button in the drop-down menu. You’ll then need to click on the reason for flagging the video and provide further details.

Report your concerns to the police and other authorities 

National Crime Agency, CEOP Command

CEOP is the child protection section of the National Crime Agency. If someone has acted inappropriately towards your child or another young person online (e.g. engaged in sexual chat or insisted on meeting up), you should report them directly to CEOP.

Internet Watch Foundation

If anyone in your family comes across online child sexual abuse or criminally obscene adult imagery, notify the Internet Watch Foundation. Reports are confidential and can be made anonymously. Click Report Criminal Content Here and follow the on-screen instructions.


To report something you’ve seen on TV, online, in a film, in an advert, in a video game or in a magazine that is unsuitable for children, go to Make a Complaint. Select an option and follow the instructions on the ParentPort website.