Parental controls on your computer’s operating system

Both Windows and Mac OS X have built-in parental controls so that you can do things like restrict your child’s Web access, set time limits and block specific programs.


Using Microsoft Family on your device, you can manage when your child can log into their account and which programs are appropriate for them to use.

The controls also filter Web content and provide reports of your child’s computer and Web browsing activity.

To activate them on your device, follow the steps below and then use Microsoft’s Family Safety website to manage the boundaries.

Windows 8.1, Windows RT 8.1

1. Make sure that your child has been set up with their own user account.

2. Select Is this a Child’s Account?

3. Decide if you would like your child to have an email address and follow the instructions accordingly.

4. You’ll then be able to manage their account from Microsoft’s Family Safety website.

For more information, visit the Microsoft Family Safety website.

Windows 10

1. Add a child to your family through the Accounts functionality.

2. Click Add a Family Member. Select Add a Child.

3. Assign the child an email address.

4. Manage the settings for your children on Microsoft's Family Safety website.

For more information, go to the Microsoft website.

Mac OS X 

You can block specific apps, websites and messages, set time limits and deny access to the built-in camera on your family computer.

To enable parental controls:

1. In System Preferences, click Parental Controls and then select the lock icon.

2. Enter your administrator name and password, select a user (you’ll need to set your child up with their own user profile if they haven’t already got one), then click Enable Parental Controls.

3. To set restrictions, follow the same process then click the relevant tabs along the top – Apps, Web, People, Time Limits and Other (eg use of the built-in camera).

For more information, go to the Apple website.