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Search: There’s a new Kiddle on the block 


A new ‘child-friendly’ search engine called Kiddle faced questions and criticism soon after its launch. The BBC and The Independent pointed out that Kiddle – which is not affiliated with Google – blocks many common search terms, such as ‘menstruation’ and ‘bisexual’, and Sky News noted that some adult content can slip through the net on the search engine.


Our tip
Check out our guide to safe search controls on Google, Bing and Yahoo so that you can help your child to get age-appropriate search results.

Age checks on pornography websites 

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The UK Government began a public consultation over plans to implement age checks on pornography websites to ensure users are over 18. Parents, schools, child protection experts, internet service providers, the pornography industry and others have been invited to contribute. In a BBC News article, Peter Wanless, chief executive of the NSPCC, said the issue was "a matter of urgency" and that children who had access to 18+ content could develop a "warped" view of sexual relationships.


Our tip
Don’t shy away from talking to your child about difficult subjects like pornography. Parent Info and CEOP have some useful advice.

Biggest Safer Internet Day yet 


Millions of people around the world helped to promote the safe, responsible and positive use of digital technology by children and young people on Safer Internet Day (9 February). The UK Safer Internet Centre marked the day with the publication of a report into children’s experiences of online empowerment and online hate. According to the centre’s research, 82% of young people have seen something hateful on the internet in the last year but, on the positive side, 93% said their friends have posted supportive and kind messages online.


Our tip
Show your son or daughter the Vodafone Be Strong Online emojis, which will help them to support friends who are being bullied online.