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Schools, download our latest module so your students can learn about the impact of selfies on their self-esteem.

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Be Strong Online

Be Strong Online modules

Schools play a vital role in helping young people to explore the digital world safely. That’s why Vodafone has teamed up with leading UK charity The Diana Award’s Anti-Bullying Campaign to develop a new programme for schools called Be Strong Online, which will be made available in various EU countries. Whether you’re a head teacher, form tutor or responsible for pastoral care, the Be Strong Online resources will help you to engage, inspire and protect your students online.


Launched in September 2015, Be Strong Online covers everything from gaming and selfies to privacy, apps and social networking and uses a peer-to-peer format: each module provides all the resources needed for teachers to train a small group of students in Year 9 or above (called ‘Tech Trainers’) to deliver short lessons to other students (Years 7 to 9 ideally). 

This innovative digital learning programme is designed to feed into curriculum areas such as Computing, Citizenship and PSHE, with 10 modules being made available at regular intervals throughout the 2015 school year. Be Strong Online kicks off with a module that helps young people understand how to deal with cyberbullying and support their friends online. Future modules will include lesson plans and videos covering topics such as digital footprint and coding.

Be Strong Online provides the opportunity for older students to share their experiences of the digital world with younger students, signpost sources of support, encourage positive online behaviour and develop skills in areas such as public speaking and leadership. 

Find out how to get involved below.

Module 6: Selfies and Self-esteem

With billions of selfies taken every year, young people should consider how their selfies could affect their confidence and put them under unnecessary pressure. Go to the Selfies & Self-esteem registration page.


Module 5: Peer Pressure Online

Pranks, dares, sexting... help your students to deal with pressure from their peers on social media. Go to the Peer Pressure Online registration page.



Module 4: Digital Footprint

Do your students always think before they post? Help them to understand how to protect their personal information and reputation with our latest module about digital footprints. Go to the Digital Footprint registration page.



Module 3: My Digital Life

The internet has changed our lives in so many ways. This module helps young people to discuss the positives and negatives, including how to stay safe online.

Go to the My Digital Life registration page.

Want to get your school or youth group involved in Be Strong Online?

Go to the Be Strong Online registration page and enter your details (name of school/ organisation, postcode and email address) to download the first module. Your email address will be used to notify you of new modules only.

Looking for other resources about digital safety?

Learn about our anti-bullying research and our new 'support emojis'.

UK schools and other organisations working with young people can now order free copies of the latest issue of Vodafone’s Digital Parenting magazine, published in September 2015.

Module 2: Coding & Creativity

Get your students talking about why coding is important and how it can help them to be strong online, with some fun challenges and games.

Go to the Coding & Creativity registration page.