Have you ever been asked “what will you be?”


It’s not always an easy question to answer… and although the future is exciting, it’s not always clear. So we’ve created Future Jobs Finder to help you prepare for your future in an increasingly digital world.


Why? It’s pretty simple really, research has identified a growing gap in digital skills and knowledge, and as one of the world’s biggest tech companies we want to help. We want to make sure that you have the skills to use, improve and develop technology and have a fulfilling career that’s right for you.


So how does the tool work? Vodafone has teamed up with some smart occupational psychologists to design five modules which test your skills and then help you to understand how best to apply them. They currently do over 30million tests in over 90 countries helping people find the right job for them. It works by knowing what skills are needed for different jobs., for example a data scientist needs to be great at numbers, and a digital marketer needs to be great at words.  


The Future is exciting. Ready?