Future proof

Global coverage, constantly evolving

With Sponsored Roaming you can take advantage of our 700 plus roaming partners in over 230 global destinations. We constantly improve our roaming footprint, focusing on data and prepaid.

Voice and SMS roaming are enabled in virtually every country in the world, data in over 200 countries, and for your prepaid customers, we offer CAMEL agreements in over 100 countries.

In LTE roaming, Vodafone leads the market. Our customers can enjoy superfast LTE data roaming in more places than your competitors

Our sponsored/interstandard roaming service is available for networks with LTE, GSM, CDMA or iDE technologies.

Easy to deploy

No change to your processes

The managed roaming service will translate the GSM and LTE protocols to your local protocol. Customers will be able to keep their existing numbers and will never know they are using a sponsored network. Your customers will receive the same great coverage and service that Vodafone’s own customers enjoy.

Transparent for your customers

There’s no SIM card swap or giving out a new phone number! With Vodafone’s service, customers keep their number, voicemail and essential services. Vodafone can route data traffic back to the home network so the customers never have to deal with language issues or unfamiliar services.

Proven solution

Benefit from Vodafone's quality standards

We maintain constant round-the-clock monitoring in the 20 largest roaming destinations, based on the GSMA’s Global Roaming Quality (GRQ) standard.

We can expand the quality monitoring to almost any destination of your choice (more than 640 operators in 180 countries).

Extensive fraud monitoring capabilities

Daily high usage reporting: Alarms are raised if a single subscriber uses more than 100 SDRs within 24 hours (based on NRTRDE files received from roaming partners).

NRTRDE self-service: You receive all applicable NRTRDE records within 4 hours after call completion to feed your own monitoring systems.

Managed fraud alarms: We can also monitor your NRTRDE records and TAP files based on your criteria

Fast deployment

We establish your roaming needs, together with you

We help you creating a business case and discuss tariffs and commercial terms. If you decide to join us, we will agree on a mutual implementation plan to connect you to our footprint.

Ready to roam, usually within three months

We conduct tests to ensure your customers can enjoy Vodafone's quality experience. We then launch the service, typically three months after contract signature.