We are one of the largest telecommunications companies providing a wide range of services to both consumer and enterprise customers. We offer Mobile, Fixed and TV to our consumer customers and are an industry leader in IOT delivering cloud, security and carrier services to our enterprise customers.

Building on 30 years of innovation

We aim to differentiate ourselves from our competitors through continued investments in our superior network infrastructure, leveraging the benefits of our global scale, international brand and delivering an excellent customer experience.

Where we operate

We operate in a rapidly changing industry where innovation and scale are key. We launched a “Digital Vodafone” programme across the Group which enables us to deliver a leading customer experience; leverage the latest data analytics techniques and automate and simplify our operations. This improvement will benefit society and drive revenue growth, which allows us to grow cash flow, reinvest and provide attractive returns to shareholders.

Our sustainable business strategy aligns with our commercial objectives with a clear social purpose to create long term value and meet customer needs.

“The future is exciting. Ready?”

Project Spring

The pace of change in the industry is expected to remain significant – the demand for data is accelerating, there is an ongoing shift towards fixed and mobile bundles, networks are improving. The market environment is becoming more positive.