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The safety of our customers, the wider public, our employees and our contractors is an absolute priority for Vodafone. We comply with all applicable laws in every jurisdiction where we operate and closely monitor independent scientific research that is peer-reviewed and of the highest standard. We remain committed to responding openly and transparently to public concerns about mobiles, masts and health.

How the technology works

Mobile devices use radio waves to send and receive voice calls and data. Base stations with antennas mounted on masts enable mobile signals to work properly. Mobile devices need the antennas on top of the masts to send and receive your communications. The radio waves used by mobile devices are part of the electromagnetic wave spectrum and travel at the speed of light.

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Health: the science and evidence

We understand that some people remain concerned about mobile technology and health. We continue to provide information openly and transparently to help answer your questions. Our mobile technology operates well within the safety limits set out by international guidelines. The opinion of the independent World Health Organization remains the same: there is no evidence to convince experts that this technology poses any risk to human health.

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Our commitments and goals

The health and safety of our customers, employees, contractors and the wider public is our absolute priority. Our vision is to lead within the industry in responding to public concerns regarding mobiles, masts and health. Vodafone is committed to open debate on scientific evidence, openness and transparency, and communicating significant developments.

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