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Our products and services play a central role in the daily lives of more than half a billion people across more than 25 markets. Our approach to what we call sustainable business is to ensure that our work always delivers positive social outcomes, not just commercial and financial success. Our commitment to enhancing lives and livelihoods, together with our longstanding commitment to operating responsibly, is integral to our duty to maximise returns to our shareholders.

Our purpose

We connect for a better future.

Global transformation areas

Our intention to work towards three significant global transformation goals is at the centre of our sustainable business strategy. Each goal has the potential to deliver meaningful socio-economic benefits for our customers and wider society; and each goal is derived directly from – and will be achieved by means of – our core long-term business objectives.

Operating responsibly

We are committed to ensuring that Vodafone behaves responsibly and ethically wherever we operate, supported by our corporate transparency programme.

Our Sustainable Business Report

In our Sustainable Business Report, we give an overview of our ambition of what we are trying to achieve through our sustainable business strategy, together with our progress to date.

The Report also provides an overview of the full range of background information and material non-financial disclosures, including insights into the ethical challenges that inform our business principles and that influence the controls we have put in place to ensure our operating practices meet our (and our stakeholders’) expectations.

Sustainable Business Report 2019

Our reporting in one place

On our reporting centre page, you’ll find all our report downloads and links to our transparency disclosures.

Reporting centre