Latest reports

In the Digital Deployment report, we have identified six key policy aspects that, we believe, impact investors’ abilities to deploy competing fixed and mobile digital networks in a given market. Governments and policymakers can stimulate investment by examining their policies in each of these areas in comparison with peers and ensuring they have a plan to adopt best practice. This report provides policymakers with the best-practices and the degree of variation across our 12 EU markets and makes policy recommendations to improve the ease of digital infrastructure deployment.

The value IoT could bring to Europe is well recognised and if the regulatory landscape is right, realising these benefits could transform Europe’s standing in terms of global competitiveness and 5G connectivity. IoT cuts across a wide variety of market sectors, emphasising the need for a cross-sectoral policy approach. Taking input from a number of different industries, Vodafone has prepared this White Paper, which proposes a new regulatory framework for IoT in the EU.

In this report, commissioned by Vodafone, Deloitte considers the economic potential of machine-generated, non-personal data in the European Union. This type of data is particularly relevant to the Internet of Things and Deloitte’s review focuses on the agriculture, automotive, healthcare, smart city and manufacturing sectors. The report estimates the potential value of this form of data and how this value is derived from sharing. It also identifies barriers to that value being realised and makes policy recommendations to ease those barriers.

With the help of independent experts, Vodafone has examined the issues at the heart of delivering a Gigabit Society for Europe. Recommendations for the Electronic Communications Code are highlighted in a set of four reports.

Creating a Gigabit Society - the role of 5G

22 March 2017

This study focuses on the important role that 5G mobile has to play in achieving the Gigabit Society vision, highlighting the consumer and industrial innovations that 5G will facilitate. It also makes recommendations on the key policy areas that need to be addressed in order to capitalise on the benefits that 5G can bring.

Towards a more equal world

The mobile internet revolution

Access to mobile internet presents revolutionary opportunities for addressing issues of inequality. Vodafone has commissioned independent experts to explore the ways in which smartphones could reduce inequalities for women, micro entrepreneurs and small farmers. The report highlights the benefits of smartphones for disadvantaged groups and recommends the policy steps that governments can take to tackle inequality.

Creating a Gigabit Society

Gigabit fibre networks are needed to digitise Europe’s industry. Vodafone has commissioned Arthur D. Little to examine the current and future connectivity needs of cutting-edge organisations in sectors ranging from education to energy and gaming to healthcare, as well as public sector organisations.

Achieving a Digital Single Market for Connected Cars

eCall - implementation status, learnings and policy recommendations

All of Vodafone’s 12 EU mobile networks are able to recognise eCalls and are therefore ‘eCall ready’. However, as full eCall implementation requires action on the part of national governments, automotive manufacturers and mobile operators, Vodafone commissioned this study from SBD because we wanted to help address any remaining challenges that might exist before the eCall ‘launch’ date of 31 March 2018, when new cars type approved in the EU must be equipped with an eCall device.

Securing the benefits of Industry Digitisation

Regulatory and policy frameworks that will shape the digitisation of industry are currently being developed around the world. Vodafone has commissioned KPMG to assess the economic impact of different approaches to the regulation of enterprise services in areas such as Machine-to-Machine and the Internet of Things, net neutrality and cross-border data transfer.

Policy options for accelerating rural broadband in emerging markets

Governments around the world have emphasised the importance of rural broadband for developing their economies and connecting societies. Vodafone has commissioned a report by Webb Henderson assessing the options available to governments in emerging markets to accelerate broadband coverage in underserved areas as part of their national broadband plans.