Vodafone Foundation Ventures Ltd


Vodafone Foundation has established Vodafone Foundation Ventures Ltd (VF Ventures Ltd), a social enterprise dedicated to bringing the power of connectivity to drive transformational projects in health and education for the benefit of some of the most marginalised communities in countries in which Vodafone operates.


The team to lead VF Ventures Ltd have been developing within Vodafone Foundation a unique set of platforms, products and partnerships and have developed an experience in this field which is second to none.   VF Ventures Ltd’s ambition is to share these innovations at scale and in the process be a leading social enterprise in bringing connectivity to solving some of the world’s most pressing problems in a sustainable way.


VF Ventures Ltd is a social enterprise, its founding and sole shareholder is Vodafone Foundation.   As it rolls out these innovations, VF Ventures Ltd will recycle any profits into funding further programmes. Any surplus profits will be provided to Vodafone Foundation.


Announcements regarding specific innovations will be made during 2018.​