Vodafone employee volunteers have travelled to Mozambique with Vodafone Foundation’s Instant Network to help re-establish communications following Cyclone Idai, a tropical storm that has caused substantial destruction and devastation.

 The tropical cyclone brought torrential rains and winds to Sofala, Zambezia, Manica and Inhambane provinces of Mozambique on the evening of 14th March. The full impact of the storm is yet to be established, however initial reports indicate significant loss of life and damage to infrastructure in Beira City and the surrounding areas. Riverine and flash flooding are causing further challenges to the population affected, and the rescue teams working to support them.

The Instant Network team arrived in Mozambique on Monday 18th March with trained volunteers from four Vodafone markets (Romania, Hungary, Netherlands, Portugal), carrying Instant Network, Instant Wifi, Instant Charge, satellite equipment and various ICT equipment. A second team is on standby to provide further support as required.

“Being able to communicate via a mobile network is one of the most valuable pieces of aid today, level with food, but not quite up there with water, which is essential,” states Oisin Walton, who has been Instant Network’s Programme Manager since its inception in 2011.

We’re pleased to be working with our partners, Telecoms Sans Frontieres, and Vodacom Mozambique to provide emergency communications to assist the relief and emergency effort. More details to follow as the team deploy the resources to the areas where the support is most required.

Instant Network Technology

Instant Wi-Fi can provide a robust and secure Wi-Fi environment for to up to 1,500 users across an area of up to 10,000 square metres, depending on the strength of the available internet connection. The Instant Charge station can charge up to 66 phones simultaneously, and the ultra-portable Instant Network can provide cellular coverage within three to five kilometres in radius and enable up to 80 calls and thousands of text messages to be sent simultaneously. The compact GSM equipment fits into four cases that can be carried on commercial flights, weighs less than 100 kg, and can be set up in less than 40 minutes.


For more info about this mission, contact: Natasha Dalton, Communications and Fundraising Manager, Natasha.dalton@vodafone.com


For more information about the Vodafone’s Foundations Instant Network: https://gigalife.vodafone.com/views/making-a-connection-how-vodafone-foundations-instant-network-is-a-lifesaver-in-disaster-zones/