The main social networks offer lots of tools and resources to help younger users have a safer and more private online experience.

Take a look at our short guides to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and six other services and apps your child might use. Don’t forget, the minimum age limit on many of them is 13.


Minimum age: 13
What can you set? Decide who sees your posts and Timeline, unfriend people and block people.


Minimum age: 13
What can you set? Control your visibility (set photos and videos to private) and block people.


Minimum age: 13 with parental permission; 18 without
What can you set? Manage who can talk to you and block people.


Minimum age: 17
What can you set? Block people and hide your location.


Minimum age: 16
What can you set? Control who sees your information, what you see, who you interact with and what you share.


Minimum age: 13
What can you set? Choose who can send you Snaps, decide who can view your Stories and block people.


Minimum age: 13
What can you set? Protect your tweets so that only approved followers can see them, hide certain users’ tweets from your timeline, block people from contacting you and make use of the quality filter.


Minimum age: 13
What can you set? Prevent certain people from contacting you, block incoming calls, prevent people from seeing your photos and set video-call privacy options.


Minimum age: 13
What can you set? Allow or block anonymous questions, block specific users, delete answers from your profile and control other users’ questions appearing on your profile.