You can use parental controls to manage a range of functions on smartphones and tablets, such as restricting access to specific websites.  

The UK’s main mobile providers (e.g. Vodafone, EE, O2 and Three) automatically block 18+ rated content through the Active Choice network level filtering system but this only works if the device is connected via the mobile network, not Wi-Fi. Your mobile’s operating system may also include safety features and you can set restrictions on the App Store and Google Play.

Learn how to manage your child’s access to websites, apps and things like location services on their favourite digital devices.


(e.g. LG, Samsung, Sony, HTC, Huawei, Motorola, Amazon)
The Restricted User feature lets you choose which apps and content your child can access, such as the camera and Chrome web browser.


(e.g. iPhone and iPad)
You can enable Restrictions on your child’s iPhone or iPad and select ‘on’ or ‘off’ for features such as FaceTime, in-app purchases, and Safari.

Windows Phone

(e.g. Microsoft Lumia)
The My Family option helps you to manage the apps and games that your child is able to download to their phone. You can also set up Kid’s Corner on your own Windows Phone so that if your child borrows your phone, they can only access ageappropriate content and not get to the rest of your stuff that you want to keep private.

How can Vodafone help?

Vodafone Content Control helps to prevent young people from accessing inappropriate content and services, such as violent games, adult content and gambling websites. Go to the Vodafone website to log in to or register your online account and turn on Content Control. Please note, it works only on the Vodafone network and not on Wi-Fi.

Please note, the Vodafone Guardian app is no longer available. To free up space on your device, you may wish to remove the app. Find out more.

Games consoles

Many children and teenagers enjoy playing on games consoles. As well as being fun, some experts say gaming helps to improve their reflexes and keep their brains active.

But it also has its risks. Young people sometimes spend too long in front of the screen or access inappropriate content. And if they take part in multiplayer gaming they might be contacted by strangers.

If your child is a keen gamer, you’ll be pleased to know that the main games consoles include parental controls to help you manage which games they play, how long they can play for and whether they can play against other people.

For example, safety features on Xbox One let you restrict games, apps and films by age rating. And on PlayStation 4 (PS4) you can also disable video and voice chat. For more information and step-by- step guides to setting up parental controls for gaming, go to your search engine and type in the name of your child’s games console (eg “PlayStation”, “Nintendo”, “Wii” or “Xbox”) + “parental controls UK”.