Vodafone and The Diana Award have set up the Be Strong Online digital skills programme to encourage older children to pass on their knowledge to younger peers.

Dr Richard Graham, a leading child and adolescent psychiatrist, comments: "The Be Strong Online modules address many of the key issues and create an opportunity for teachers and students to think together and develop their thoughts across the many varied online challenges and opportunities." Dr Graham also talks about the importance of building digital resilience in this video for Safer Internet Day 2017.

Digital Detox

Want to encourage your students to take a little digital time-out? This module contains information and activities to help them achieve a healthy balance online and offline.

Power of Play

Give your students the lowdown on gaming, including how to manage costs, stay safe in multiplayer games and balance screen time with other activities.

Social Media

Want to help your students become more savvy on Facebook, Instagram and other social networks? This module covers age limits, digital footprint and lots more.

Critical Thinking

Young people don't always understand that not everything they see online is true. By developing critical thinking skills, they can recognise scams and false information.

Selfies and Self-Esteem

With billions of selfies taken every year, young people should consider how their selfies could affect their confidence and put them under unnecessary pressure.

Peer Pressure Online

Pranks, dares, sexting... help your students to deal with pressure from their peers on social media.

Digital Footprint

Do your students always think before they post? Help them to understand how to protect their personal information and reputation.

My Digital Life

The internet has changed our lives in so many ways. This module helps young people to discuss the positives and negatives, including how to stay safe online.

Coding & Creativity

Get your students talking about why coding is important as they take part in some fun challenges and games.

Be Strong Online

Bullying behaviour can take place on many devices and platforms. Help your students to become more resilient, show support for their peers and be stronger online.