With digital technology an increasingly important part of daily life for young people, how can your school help them to use it safely and responsibly?

Here, we look at the challenges your students might face online and ask the experts for their views. You’ll also get access to free resources for your school, including our Be Strong Online modules, and find short guides to privacy and safety tools.

Tools & controls

There are lots of parental controls and other online tools to help young people have a safer and more private online experience, many of which are free and easy to set up.

Our short ‘how to’ guides help you to advise your students about things like protecting their privacy on Instagram, searching safely on Google and blocking people on Snapchat.

But remember, controls and tools aren’t always 100% effective and tech-savvy kids sometimes find their way around them.

Free resources

Our free resources are being used by thousands of schools across the UK to engage with parents and students and help them to develop digital life skills. Take a look at our magazine, peer-to-peer training modules and other useful teaching resources here.


In our Blogs section, we highlight topical issues and some of the digital awareness initiatives that Vodafone supports. Here is a selection of articles from our Blogs section by psychiatrists, charities and other leading experts. These articles first appeared in various issues of Digital Parenting magazine.