In our Blogs section, we highlight topical issues and some of the digital awareness initiatives that Vodafone supports. You’ll also find articles by psychiatrists, charities and other leading experts that have appeared in various issues of Digital Parenting magazine.

Story Time             (February 2019)

Story Time books help children to be more resilient online.

Safer Internet Day  (February 2019)

Vodafone supports Safer Internet Day on 5 February 2019.

#Goldilocks (December 2018)

Vodafone UK launches a co-branded children’s book and Digital Parenting hub.

Christmas (December 2018)

Gifting a smartphone or other device? Check out 12 of our best articles so your child is digital-ready for 2019.

Anti-Bullying Week  
(October 2018)

Encourage young people to choose respect over bullying.


(September 2018)

How can technology improve family life? Five parents join our #FamilySquad and share their tips.

Screen time  
(July 2018)

Get the online-offline balance right this summer.


The future of work (July 2018)

What role will technology play in young people's careers?

Digital Life Skills (February 2018)

Our new workshops teach parents about digital resilience.

Safer Internet Day (February 2018)

Vodafone supports Safer Internet Day on 6 February 2018.

The Internet of Toys (March 2017)

Smart toys, wearables and virtual reality... what are the potential risks?


Safer Internet Day (February 2017)

Millions of people united for a better internet on Safer Internet Day 2017.

Anti-Bullying Week (November 2016)

To mark Anti-Bullying Week 2016, we spoke to Tessy Ojo of The Diana Award about LGBT bullying.


The selfie generation (May 2016)

Selfies can be harmless fun. But what if your child shares inappropriate photos or receives negative comments?

#BeStrong emojis (September 2015)

Vodafone’s Lisa Felton explains how the company’s #BeStrong emoji app helps young people to support friends who are being bullied.

Mental health (September 2015)

YoungMinds CEO Sarah Brennan asks ‘Is the internet to blame for young people feeling unhappy and anxious?’

Online radicalisation (September 2015)

Jonathan Russell of The Quilliam Foundation offers practical advice to help parents tackle extremism in the digital age.

Bullying           (September 2015)

Fact vs fiction: The Diana Award’s anti-bullying expert Alex Holmes discusses online bullying.

Sexting (September 2015)                     

Kate Burls of CEOP Command explains the risks facing young people who share naked or semi-naked images.

Screen time (September 2012)

Leading psychiatrist Dr Richard Graham reveals how screen time can become addictive.

Peer pressure (September 2012)

Vicki Shotbolt of Parent Zone looks at online dares and other forms of peer pressure on social media.