Marco, Erica (15) & Chiara (13)

Marco and his teenage daughters talk about how they use social media to make new friends in the UK and keep friendships in Italy alive.

Gilly & twins Orlando & Louisa (2)

Gilly describes how her toddler twins caught on to technology at an early age.

Markus and Max (aged 9)

Marcus and his son Max explain why the Raspberry Pi is so fantastic for kids.

Marketa, Mehjoub, Aya (10) & Adam (8)

Marketa and Mehjoub explain what kind of digital ground rules they set for their children.

Oliver & Mabel (9)

Oliver and his daughter Mabel, who live apart, discuss how technology helps them to stay in touch.

Danielle, Eva (8) & Avery (4)

Danielle reveals how she takes an active interest in what her daughter and son do online.