What children see online

The internet’s a fantastic place for kids to learn, connect and have fun. But some websites, apps, games and videos aren’t suitable for young people. Learn about some of the risks of online content and help your child to deal with them. 

Who children meet online

Messaging apps and social media are a great way for young people to connect with family and friends. But would your child know what to do if they were bullied or contacted by a stranger? Find out about the potential risks of online contact.

How children behave online

Self-expression, creativity, collaboration – technology has lots of benefits. But with some young people pushing boundaries and behaving differently online, it’s crucial that you talk to your child about how they conduct themselves in the digital world.

The Internet of Toys

From robot puppies to fitness trackers, connected products are increasingly popular among young people. Learn more about what to consider before buying the latest smart toy or wearable for your child.


Stand Up To Bullying

With new research revealing the shocking scale of bullying in Great Britain, the Vodafone Foundation has been working with The Diana Award to support the first ever national Stand Up To Bullying Day. Find out how you can #StandUpToBullying.

#BeStrong emojis

Want to help your child support friends who are being bullied online? Our free #BeStrong app offers a wide range of emojis so they can show compassion on social media.


From Ellen DeGeneres at the Oscars to Barack Obama on a glacier in Alaska, selfies have become part of modern culture. Indeed, it’s estimated that more than a billion selfies are taken each year in the UK.