Form 20-F cross reference guide

The information in this document that is referenced in the following table is included in our annual report on Form 20-F for 2011 filed with the SEC (the ‘2011 Form 20-F’). The information in this document may be updated or supplemented at the time of filing with the SEC or later amended if necessary. No other information in this document is included in the 2011 Form 20-F or incorporated by reference into any filings by us under the Securities Act. Please see “Documents on display” in the "Shareholder information" section for information on how to access the 2011 Form 20-F as filed with the SEC. The 2011 Form 20-F has not been approved or disapproved by the SEC nor has the SEC passed judgement upon the adequacy or accuracy of the 2011 Form 20-F.

Item Form 20-F caption Location in this document
1 Identity of directors, senior management and advisers Not applicable
2 Offer statistics and expected timetable Not applicable
3 Key information  
  3A Selected financial data Selected financial data
    Shareholder information – Inflation and foreign currency translation
  3B Capitalisation and indebtedness Not applicable
  3C Reasons for the offer and use of proceeds Not applicable
  3D Risk factors Principal risk factors and uncertainties
4 Information on the Company  
  4A History and development of the company History and development
    Contact details
  4B Business overview About us
    Vodafone at a glance
    Mobile telecommunications industry
    Focus on key areas of growth potential – Mobile data
    Focus on key areas of growth potential – Enterprise
    Focus on key areas of growth potential – Total communications
    Focus on key areas of growth potential – New services
    Operating results
  4C Organisational structure Note 12 “Principal subsidiaries”
    Note 13 “Investments in joint ventures”
    Note 14 “Investments in associates”
    Note 15 “Other investments”
  4D Property, plant and equipment About us
    Financial position and resources
    Sustainable business
4A Unresolved staff comments None
5 Operating and financial review and prospects  
  5A Operating results Operating results
    Note 22 “Borrowings”
    Shareholder information – Inflation and foreign currency translation
  5B Liquidity and capital resources Financial position and resources – Liquidity and capital resources
    Note 21 “Capital and financial risk management”
    Note 22 “Borrowings”
  5C Research and development, patents and licences, etc Focus on key areas of growth potential – Mobile data
    Note 4 “Operating profit”
    Regulation – Licences
  5D Trend information Mobile telecommunications industry
  5E Off-balance sheet arrangements Financial position and resources – Off-balance sheet arrangements
    Note 27 “Commitments”
    Note 28 “Contingent liabilities”
  5F Tabular disclosure of contractual obligations Financial position and resources – Contractual obligations and contingencies
  5G Safe harbor Forward-looking statements
6 Directors, senior management and employees  
  6A Directors and senior management Board of directors and Group management
  6B Compensation Directors’ remuneration
  6C Board practices Corporate governance
    Directors’ remuneration
    Board of directors and Group management
  6D Employees People
    Note 31 “Employees”
  6E Share ownership Directors’ remuneration
    Note 20 “Share-based payments”
7 Major shareholders and related party transactions  
  7A Major shareholders Shareholder information – Major shareholders
  7B Related party transactions Directors’ remuneration
    Note 28 “Contingent liabilities”
    Note 30 “Related party transactions”
  7C Interests of experts and counsel Not applicable
8 Financial information  
  8A Consolidated statements and other financial information Financials(1)
    Audit report on the consolidated financial statements
    Note 28 “Contingent liabilities”
    Financial position and resources
  8B Significant changes Not applicable
9 The offer and listing  
  9A Offer and listing details Shareholder information – Share price history
  9B Plan of distribution Not applicable
  9C Markets Shareholder information – Markets
  9D Selling shareholders Not applicable
  9E Dilution Not applicable
  9F Expenses of the issue Not applicable
10 Additional information  
  10A Share capital Not applicable
  10B Memorandum and articles of association Shareholder information – Articles of association and applicable English law
  10C Material contracts Shareholder information – Material contracts
  10D Exchange controls Shareholder information – Exchange controls
  10E Taxation Shareholder information – Taxation
  10F Dividends and paying agents Not applicable
  10G Statement by experts Not applicable
  10H Documents on display Shareholder information – Documents on display
  10I Subsidiary information Not applicable
11 Quantitative and qualitative disclosures about market risk Note 21 “Capital and financial risk management”
12 Description of securities other than equity securities  
  12A Debt securities Not applicable
  12B Warrants and rights Not applicable
  12C Other securities Not applicable
  12D American depositary shares Filed with the SEC
13 Defaults, dividend arrearages and delinquencies Not applicable
14 Material modifications to the rights of security holders and use of proceeds Not applicable
15 Controls and procedures Corporate governance
    Directors’ statement of responsibility – Management’s report on internal control over financial reporting
    Audit report on internal controls
16 16A Audit Committee financial expert Corporate governance – Board committees
  16B Code of ethics Corporate governance
  16C Principal accountant fees and services Note 4 “Operating profit”
    Corporate governance – Auditor
  16D Exemptions from the listing standards for audit committees Not applicable
  16E Purchase of equity securities by the issuer and affiliated purchasers Financial position and resources
  16F Change in registrant’s certifying accountant Not applicable
  16G Corporate governance Corporate governance – US listing requirements
17 Financial statements Not applicable
18 Financial statements in the "Financials" section(1)
19 Exhibits Filed with the SEC
  1. Note:
  2. The Company financial statements, and the audit report and notes relating thereto, should not be considered to form part of the Company’s annual report on Form 20-F.
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