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Services and devices

Vodafone offers voice, messaging, data and fixed broadband services through multiple solutions and supporting technologies to deliver on its total communications strategy. The advancements in 3G networks and download speeds, handset capabilities and the mobilisation of internet services have contributed to an acceleration of data services usage growth.



Vodafone offers a wide range of devices such as handsets, mobile data cards and mobile USB modems.


  • A wide ranging handset portfolio covers different customer segments, price points and an increasing variety of designs.
  • 67 new models released in the 2009 financial year.
  • 16 exclusive devices launched, including the BlackBerry Storm touch screen device.
  • iPhone launched in 11 markets.
  • 15 consumer handsets available under Vodafone’s own brand in 29 markets.
  • 3G handsets accounting for 42% of total handset sales.
  • Expanded business portfolio with BlackBerry Curve™.

Vodafone Mobile Broadband

  • Provides simple and secure access to the internet and to business customers’ systems such as email, corporate applications and company intranets.
  • The Vodafone Mobile Broadband offers enhanced speeds up to 7.2 Mbps downlink and up to 2.0 Mbps uplink by utilising HSPA technology.
  • A wide variety of laptop models are available with built in 3G broadband and Vodafone SIM cards fitted at point of manufacture. Vodafone’s partners Dell and Lenovo fit a Vodafone SIM at point of manufacture.
  • All Vodafone Mobile Broadband USB modems and USB sticks are exclusive designs and benefit from “plug and play” software. Their ease of use and attractive designs support their deployment through consumer channels.
  • A number of netbooks are available with built in 3G broadband, which are much smaller and lighter than a regular laptop, including the new Dell mini 9 netbook.

DSL routers

  • Allow customers to access the Group’s fixed broadband services.
  • Used by both consumer and enterprise customers, particularly SoHo’s and SMEs.
  • Wired and wireless routers available.


Vodafone branded handsets shipped


PC connectivity devices

Product focus: Vodafone Mobile Broadband USB modem

Product Focus: Vodafone Mobile Broadband USB modem
  • Won the iF design award recognising best product design in the world, run by the International Design Forum in Hanover, Germany.

Product focus: BlackBerry Storm

Product Focus: Blacjkberry Storm
  • First touch screen device from BlackBerry available to Vodafone’s customers in 14 markets, exclusively in 11.
  • Won best mobile technology breakthrough award at the 2009 GSMA global mobile awards.

Product focus: Vodafone branded handsets

Product focus: Vodafone Bronded Handsets
  • 15 consumer handsets available under Vodafone’s own brand in 29 markets.




Voice revenue

(2008: £24,151m, 2007: £21,597m)

Voice services continue to make up the largest portion of the Group’s revenue and a wide range of activities have been undertaken over the past year to stimulate growth in voice usage.

Outgoing voice

Principal features
  • Fees charged to a Vodafone mobile customer who initiates a call.
  • Many different tariffs and propositions available, targeted at different customer segments.
  • Relatively stable as a proportion of Group service revenue as higher usage offsets price pressures.

Incoming voice

Principal features
  • Generated when a Vodafone customer receives a call from a user on another network.
  • Fees paid by operators based on termination rates primarily determined by local regulators.

Voice roaming

Principal features
  • Allows Vodafone’s customers to make calls on other operators’ mobile networks while travelling abroad.
  • International coverage expanded during the year.
  • Vodafone Passport offers great value to travellers.
Product focus:


reduction in outgoing average price per minute
  • Wide range of tariffs and propositions on offer.
  • Include a range of unlimited value offers, which have been particularly appealing to customers and stimulate voice usage growth.
Vodafone usage chart


Vodafone Passport customers
Vodafone Passport:
  • Enables customers to “take their home tariff abroad” offering greater price transparency and certainty to customers.
Vodafone Passport




Messaging revenue

(2008: £3,967m, 2007: £3,496m)

All of the Group’s mobile operations offer messaging services, allowing customers to send and receive messages using mobile handsets and various other devices.


  • Allows customers to send and receive text messages as well as multiple media, such as pictures, music, sound, video and text.
  • Usage growth of 30.9% in the year ended 31 March 2009, driven by marketing and value focused pricing.
Principal SMS usage chart




Data revenue

(2008: £2,119m, 2007: £1,405m)

The Group offers a number of products and services to enhance customers’ access to data services including access to the internet, email, music, games and television.


organic data revenue growth

Connectivity services

  • Provides laptop and PC users simple and secure access to the internet and business systems.
  • Includes email, corporate applications, company intranets and the internet for customers on the move.
  • Available through Vodafone Mobile Broadband devices and certain handsets.


mobile internet users in Europe


  • Offers easy to use and secure customer browsing.
  • Users can access the internet on their mobile via Vodafone live! or web browsers.
  • Transparent pricing available through Vodafone’s “Internet on Your Mobile” unlimited browsing tariff. Instant messaging available with Yahoo! and MSN.
  • Offers integrated services from leading internet brand partners, including YouTube, eBay, Google and Google Maps™.
  • Allows customer access to a wide range of media content:
    • full track music downloads with more than 2 million songs available;
    • global games portfolio offers popular titles and the latest games; and
    • mobile TV, available with an average of 27 channels.


mobile email customers


  • Vodafone Email Plus, Windows Mobile® Email from Vodafone and BlackBerry from Vodafone provide business customers with real time handheld access to email, calendar, address book and other applications.
  • Suitable for consumers and enterprises, from small start up companies to multinational corporates.


markets offer a daily roaming tariff

Data roaming

  • Allows Vodafone’s customers to use the Group’s services on a mobile network when travelling abroad.
  • Growth supported by simple, easy to understand pricing.
  • More than two thirds of laptop roamers use transparent daily and monthly tariffs rather than pay per megabyte.

Fixed and other services



Fixed and other service revenue

(2008: £2,805m, 2007: £2,373m)

During the 2009 financial year, Vodafone continued to diversify and expand the services it provides to assist customers in meeting their total communications needs and provide additional revenue streams to the Group.

Fixed services
  • Fixed broadband: Offered mainly through DSL technology. Available in 12 countries.
  • Fixed line voice: Allows consumer and enterprise customers to make fixed line voice calls, using Vodafone as their total communications provider.
  • Office phone solutions: Providing enterprise customers of all sizes with advanced office desk phone functionality integrated with their mobile services.


fixed broadband customers

Fixed Line


markets offer fixed broadband services

Other services
  • Incoming roaming: Allows customers of other mobile operator to roam on Vodafone’s network using voice or data services.
  • Wholesale MVNO: Mobile virtual network operators offer services using Vodafone’s network. New agreements signed during the 2009 financial year included ERG Petroli in Italy, Telecable and Hits in Spain and Lebara in the UK.
  • Business managed services: Vodafone is developing new ways of enabling business customers to mobilise and increase the efficiency of their workforce. Includes secure remote access allowing employees to access their company network on the move.
  • Advertising: Generated by partnering with advertising specialists in individual markets. Includes capabilities such as WAP banners and advertising embedded in messages. At 31 March 2009, introduced in 18 markets.


markets have introduced mobile advertising