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Progress towards strategic objectives

  • Europe: 2.0% revenue growth with outgoing usage up 20.1% and data revenue up 35.7%, all on an organic basis
  • 9.9% mobile capital intensity for Europe and common functions
  • EMAPA: revenue growth of 45.1%, reflecting acquisitions in India and Turkey. Organic growth of 14.5%
  • Group data revenue up 52.7% to £2.2 billion, with organic growth of 40.6%

Key financials

  • Adjusted earnings per share up 11.0% to 12.50 pence.
    Basic earnings per share of 12.56 pence
  • Free cash flow of £5.5 billion. Net cash flow from operating activities of £10.5 billion

Other highlights

  • Final dividend per share of 5.02 pence, giving total dividends per share of 7.51 pence
  • Dividend pay out ratio of 60%, in line with policy, and a total payout of £4.0 billion for the financial year
  • 1st in UK and 11th globally in the BrandZ most powerful brands ranking

Group highlights

£35.5 billion
14.1% increase
£10.1 billion
Adjusted operating profit
5.7% increase
7.51 pence
Total dividends per share
11.1% increase
260.5 million
Proportionate mobile customers
26.2% increase