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Using insights, cloud connectivity & AI to get back to the office

02 Apr 2021

Reducing risk while getting employees back to work is a key part of future planning for businesses today.

When we return to normal, the way we interact with our workspace will be completely different from before. Remote working will be more common, and many businesses will work in a hybrid system.

This means changing the way we think about our office space. How we use it, how we operate within it, even how we travel to it.

Technology can play a key role in helping employees coming back into the office safely and effectively. Let’s discuss how.

Using worker insights to change the workplace

Worker insights will be an invaluable part of the future workplace, helping businesses understand how employees prefer to interact with each other and their surroundings.

Capturing real-time data from office cameras or wearable technology, you will be able to see the more popular office areas, how many employees are on-site and even whether or not they are wearing face masks.

This can help you to modify the office to meet your employees’ needs.

For example, if you find that a lot of staff gather in the kitchen area at peak times, perhaps you could create more spaces for eating and drinking.

Similarly, if employees continually cross paths in a certain area, worker insights could help inform a one-way system or alternative route to help maintain social distancing and keep your employees safe.

Staggering start times and cloud-based mobile apps for booking meeting rooms in advance can also help inform smarter use of the workplace.

This kind of technology is already hugely popular. In the case of gym apps, for example, it allows customers to book classes.

Heat detection and entrance screening

Heat detection cameras are a simple and effective way of monitoring the entrance to a place of work safely.

By measuring the skin temperature of people as they enter your building, you can be immediately notified if anyone has a high temperature. That person can then be discreetly approached and advised on what to do.

Heat detection cameras can be connected to IoT devices, which allow you to remotely monitor footage from multiple sites from one location.

This gives your employees the confidence that you are doing its utmost to create a safe environment.

Making your workplace future-ready

A ‘future-ready’ business is one that is ready to adapt and open to change.

With this mindset, the right technology, policies and procedures in place, you can enable employees to continue to work in the face of disruption.

Find out more about how ‘future-ready’ businesses are approaching the disruption caused by the pandemic.

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