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Empowering your employees

Empower your employees and give them the tools to deliver a great customer experience from anywhere

Employees have more choice over how and where they work than ever before. Driven by technological advancements — both cloud and mobile-based — and COVID-19, business has changed. Today, remote working is more accepted. In fact, according to Statista, looking at the prevalence of remote working in Australia, Canada, the UK and the US:
35% of workers are now remote “occasionally”
16% are full-time remote
33% work remotely “frequently”
16% work remotely “very often”

That’s not all, as well as being the new “norm”, remote workers can be just as productive at home as in the office. In the US, 65% of workers say they’re more productive when working remotely, compared to the office. As businesses become more resilient, scalable and adapting to new ways of working, it’s clear that the remote and/or hybrid model is here to stay.

The question, then, isn’t whether you should adopt a flexible remote working model — but how you can make it more efficient.

Let’s talk about how.

While working remotely might look different for some workers than others, one thing remains the same: your employees are the most productive when they have the right tools and connectivity.

Remote employees are more reliant on their home networks and internet connections. But chances are these connections weren’t chosen with remote working in mind.

Employees could be using low-speed broadband or public WiFi. They could be competing with their children using video streaming services. Or perhaps their partner or housemate(s) are also working from home.

Whatever the situation, they need the same level of secure connectivity that they get at the office. And that starts with fixed and mobile enterprise connectivity.

Vodafone keeps your employees safely connected wherever they choose to work

Vodafone provides a wide range of modern connectivity and collaboration options for employees

With employees based at home, on the move, and in the office, they want to access a wide range of collaboration tools, keeping them in touch with colleagues, and getting the most from the technologies that they can.
The Connected Workday from Vodafone Business (02:16)

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At Vodafone Business we’ve adopted remote working in our business model for more than 20 years, so we’ve had two decades to implement, test and optimise the processes.

Our Remote Working Solution brings all the tools you need, from connectivity, devices and security - to optimise your remote working model and ensure your employees can work effectively, efficiently and productively from anywhere in the world.

We’ve helped thousands of businesses with their remote working solutions from basic mobile and data tariffs, to device life management services, to cloud device management and enterprise broadband. Our end-to-end services give you an optimally designed remote working solution that will address and improve your business needs as you adapt to changing requirements for your workforce.

We can provide a simple, scalable, secure solution to improve your employees’ productivity and keep them secure whether they continue to work from home, or back in the office. Plus, we’ll manage everything.

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