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Connected living

A pioneering initiative from Vodafone Business Ventures to improve the lives of people with learning disability

At Vodafone we want to make sure that everyone is connected for a better future

Connected Living is a pioneering initiative from Vodafone Business Ventures in collaboration with Mencap, the UK's leading learning disability charity, connecting supported living home using IoT technology.

Internet of Things (IoT) devices

Co-designed by people with learning disabilities and their support workers, it uses Internet of Things (IoT) enabled devices and personalised digital services.

Greater independence

It aims to provide greater independence, choice and access to technology - helping to improve the quality of life for over 1.4 million people living with learning disabilities in the UK, their families and carers.

Connected for a better future

Connected Living

Connected Living

The Connected Living is a solution for people with a learning disability to have more tailored and personalised support, using technology at the heart of the solution. It can help to make people feel safer, more independent and in control of their environment.

The innovative project uses technology to enhance the quality of life for people with learning disabilities, as well as providing support workers with complimentary tools to use in providing personalised care.

Co-designed by Vodafone, support workers and people with learning disabilities living in Mencap's supported living services, Connected Living has been piloted successfully over 12 months in locations across Hampshire, Sussex, Somerset, Cornwall, Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire and Suffolk.

It combines Vodafone's expertise in IoT and connectivity with Mencap's experience of improving the quality of life for people with a learning disability.

Connected Living focuses on how to make everyday activities - such as household tasks, time planning and socialising - easier.


Technologies, including a range of user friendly, intuitive IoT enabled devices were installed in supported living homes controlled by a bespoke app, called Vodafone MyLife. Unlike standalone devices including GPS trackers or fall detectors, the MyLife app offers a simple user interface that is integrated and accessible via a single tablet.

Mencap's clients control of their smart devices, while also enabling their support workers to have remote access.