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5G for Business

Imagine the possibilities for your business

The journey to 5G starts here

We are here to inspire, inform and guide, combining your knowledge of your business with our expertise in technology to help you start your journey to a 5G world.

5G promises to enable some truly exciting possibilities for businesses and society, but we know this transformation will not happen overnight. Explore the latest developments, benefits and the potential of 5G.

5G explained

Next-generation mobile connectivity


5G around the World

We’ve been through each change in mobile technology, so we know how to plan for the journey. 5G’s real potential comes to life when its combined with the expertise we have in IoT, cloud and fixed connectivity.

Find out how we are making 5G work.


What will 5G bring?

Building the factory of the future

Manufacturers are already experimenting with things like predictive maintenance and adaptive control but 5G has the potential to transform manufacturing. Today, the current default connectivity mechanism of Wi-Fi is not always convenient, reliable or compatible with the environment. Private networks, enabled by 5G’s capabilities and coverage characteristics, will overcome these deficiencies.

By adopting a private 5G network, manufacturers will be able to connect industrial robots and other devices faster and more securely.  As machines, tools, parts and people become perfectly synced, 5G can help to raise production and facilitate mass customisation to ultimately deliver a better customer experience.


Enabling digital healthcare

5G is around ten times faster than 4G and enables lower latency allowing virtually instantaneous access to information.  This will transform the possibilities of what you can do in digital healthcare.

Fast, reliable and low latency networks will eventually enable specialists to operate on patients just about anywhere in the world via remote surgical robots, bringing expertise to those who need it.

Always-on, ultra-reliable connectivity with high-network priority could support real-time remote patient monitoring — even for critical conditions like epilepsy, strokes and heart disease.


Smart transport, safer roads

5G will be used to increase the volume of cars that can be monitored as part of an Intelligent Transport System.  For instance, the introduction of connected driving technologies will make a real difference to the logistics industry, and indeed traffic generally, with platooning enabling convoys of trucks to travel together, possibly at times when the road network is less busy.

An integrated transport system, with more connected vehicles (both autonomous and driven,) can make roads safer, less congested and change the nature of commuting.

Utilities: Greener horizons

The energy and utilities sector will see significant impact and benefits from the adoption of 5G.  To fully use green energy, the peak times of energy consumption need to be smoothed out so that energy supply and demand is more balanced.

Thanks to reliable, low-latency data communications, the utility companies can maintain balanced supply in the grid.


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