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Why Vodafone?

We deliver intelligent communications at the speed of business

Confident growth

Growing your business in a disruptive environment is a huge challenge.

We understand the requirement for flexible, high-touch technology that offers the agility you're looking for to remain competitive in today's on-demand world.

Control your destiny

We help businesses of every size embrace positive change through digital communications technologies - today, tomorrow and into the future

We ensure your people, your customers, your places and your assets are intelligently connected, wherever they are and whenever you need them

Our advanced technologies are a force multiplier that help your employees work smarter and more productively in the digital workplace

We help you develop fresh business opportunities from unique customer insights, new geographies and rapidly evolving market dynamics

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Your market is a living, breathing environment. Your customers make choices in the moment.

So let us help you explore the possibilities, take advantage of new opportunities, and transform your business for success.

We work together with 2,000 of the world's biggest multinational organisations and 70% of the Fortune 500: our deep expertise in the digital world is all yours.

Our technology

We've invested €23bn in our network over the past 2 years, evolving it to become a digital business platform. The network elastically adapts to demand, helping you instantly meet your customers' expectations, no matter what they are

Connect with tailored solutions to embrace today's dynamic business challenges. And it helps you find the hidden value in your data, analyse customer requirements and make informed, strategic decisions about where to go next

Our digital communications services span IoT, cloud, hosting, mobile, fixed, unified communications and carrier wholesale. We're the world's largest IoT service provider, and we handle more mobile voice minutes than anyone else

We do this in the most secure of environments. Security is embedded in everything we do, enabling you to adopt an active defence against the increasing volume and diversity of threats. With us, your devices, networks, data and apps – your most valuable assets – are secure