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Vodafone Messaging Hub P2P

A single gateway for your person-to-person (P2P) SMS messages


The Vodafone Messaging Hub (VMH) simplifies Person-to-Person (P2P) SMS management and consolidates access to Vodafone’s 500+ million mobile customers and beyond, through a single interconnect and commercial agreement.

Key features

Single connection management

Fraud, spam and spoof protection

Number portability resolution

Provides node address translation

Centralised reporting services

End-to-end quality of service

Product information

Industry leading SMS firewall and fraud detection capabilities

Source operator MSISDN validation

We perform a validation check by comparing the originating operator that has issued the message to the operator that owns the MSISDN presented as creating the message

analyst-view - red

Velocity thresholds

We carefully control the number of messages/minutes that a source MSISDN is allowed to originate. Once the threshold is exceeded, the MSISDN is added to a blocked senders list


Keyword detection

Scan for key words in real-time

Content fingerprinting

Keyword and pattern filtering to produce fingerprinting for identified spam. External content filtering for detecting spam campaigns is available as an additional service

Payload type detection

Facilitate the identification of selected types of payloads including: binary, WAP push, MMS notification, EMS, ringtone, picture, ME data download, ME de-personalisation SM, (U)SIM data download and smart message

White and black lists

Either allow or deny list of MSISDNs, operators’ SMSC node address and operators

Simplify P2P SMS messaging

SMS remains one of the most popular methods of communicating with any device on any mobile network, as ubiquity of reach continues to be a unique feature not available via any other messaging application today. Despite this, the P2P SMS industry is facing many challenges. There are over 950 mobile operators using multiple messaging solutions and access technologies. Maintaining all of these point-to-point relationships between multiple networks can become highly complex and resource intensive.

SMS has a 98% read rate, and 90% of messages are opened within three minutes

Source: Dynmark

Vodafone Messaging Hub simplifies and efficiently manages SMS traffic, expands reach, optimises routing and provides increased security. It allows MNO’s to maintain their control on SMS monetisation and to reduce their effort, cost and risk from managing hundreds of individual network connections.

Key features:

  • Direct access to 26 Vodafone markets
  • One contract, one connection
  • Contract management optimisation
  • Managing unauthorised traffic to increase monetisation
  • Stabilising point-to-point traffic
  • Enhanced control and monitoring of SMS traffic on the network
  • Centralised reporting and settlement

Benefits of our P2P SMS messaging hub


Regulatory compliance with number portability resolution


Requires minimal hardware, software and resources


Extends your messaging reach to generate more revenue

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