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Vodafone Cloud Numbers

Think global, look local

Get the freedom to communicate securely, worldwide

In line with the increasing acceleration of digital transformation faced by businesses, virtual numbers have become a more efficient way of communication. Our virtual Cloud Numbers can give you local presence, worldwide and the freedom from phone numbers assigned to SIM cards or fixed lines.

Allocate and reuse virtual numbers easily

With Cloud Numbers, you can store virtual numbers in the cloud or your local repository and dynamically allocate and reassign them for both calls and messages. With our self-serve portal, you can easily manage them based on your use case and open your business to new possibilities.

Protect number identity and meet compliance needs

With Cloud Numbers you can mask users numbers, configuring them for a specific transaction or a set period of time, safeguarding privacy on both sides. You can also have peace of mind knowing you are meeting the compliance needs as per the country-specific regulations.

Integrate voice features into your business applications

With our Cloud Numbers solution, you can integrate voice features, like click to call, call tracking, campaign analytics and privacy, into your key business digital applications to facilitate better communication and interaction.


Choices of toll-free and local numbers


Number identity protection


Click to call features

Call tracking and analytics

Unique call routing

Available for both Voice and Messaging

HD voice, reaching 500M+ mobile users

Self-serve platform

Global reach with local presence

What's in it for you?