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International Voice

Available to our carrier partners, enabling the highest quality voice termination to any destination


Our international voice service is dedicated to the requirements of our 500+ million retail customers, spanning local markets across 26 countries. It enables you to provide the same high quality of service to your customers around the world as we provide to ours. We simplify the complexity of managing numerous commercial agreements through a streamlined process that allows you to focus on your business.

Our key principles

We prioritise the routing of our voice traffic over direct routes to destination networks connecting with key partners around the world who have their own retail customers

We provide access to all of our local markets through a single connection that enables on-net to on-net delivery between our respective platforms, ensuring the best possible quality for all of our customers

We add additional depth and resilience to our voice routing table with trusted partner directs

We employ regional routing in our network to deliver the best quality experience


Next generation technology

We connect our carrier partners through our own global MPLS backbone network, one of the largest in the world, and we manage the routing of calls from our voice PoPs in the US, Europe, Asia and Australia. Our IP-MPLS global network reaches 78 countries directly and has 272 PoPs (Point of Presence).

Industry-leading network architecture

Our next generation IP network architecture uses active and passive probes to constantly monitor key quality metrics, such as jitter, latency, Mean Opinion Score, ASR and NER to ensure the best available quality experience to end consumers. Versatile design allows us to support all popular codecs and transcoding to emerging new codecs. We also use an edge-switching capability to keep calls originated and terminated within that region.

A choice of physical connections

Carrier partners can establish connections to the Vodafone Global Voice platform conveniently by two options:

Private IP, over Vodafone IPX:

We create a high quality and highly secure ecosystem that allows multiple services – voice, data and messaging to be delivered over a single connection.

Public IP connection, accessing Vodafone’s voice PoPs:

Through this connection, traffic is firewalled before transiting through our secure IP backbone.

Future evolution

Our international voice service routes over a VoLTE and HD Voice-ready IP backbone. This investment creates a smooth glide path as these technologies evolve from primarily supporting national to underpinning international services. Through a direct connection, our partners can benefit from our investments and jointly accelerate speed-to-market in the evolution of these services.

Central fraud prevention practice

Our carrier service central fraud prevention practice leverages our deep industry experience across our local markets, engages with industry experts and law enforcement authorities, and uses sophisticated call monitoring tools to identify fraudulent activities and take pre-emptive and corrective actions. This proactive and focused approach to fraud prevention helps protect our business and our customers.

Why partners choose Vodafone International Voice

We are the largest carrier of retail-originated traffic in the world

Our International Voice strategy is designed from the needs of Vodafone’s 500+ million mobile customers.

Delivering services to support our customers is at the heart of everything we do and core to our business

Our customer-centric approach to new product development ensures our service is flexible and future-driven

Industry recognition

Winner (in a tie)

Voice Value Award

2017 Global Wholesale Service Provider Excellence Awards


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