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West Africa submarine cable system

Ultra-high capacity fibre optic cable system linking Europe, West Africa, and South Africa


The West Africa Cable System (WACS) uses 100Gbit/s technology and links 14 countries across two continents. It uses leading transmission technology and provides seamless high-speed connection with low-latency over its 14,500 km route.

Key features

Fuelling growth

WACS enables international communications for West Africa, stimulating economic growth in the region


Increased design capacity

An increased design capacity to 14.5Tbit/s boosts speed and performance


Trunk and branching unit design to keep the main cable traffic flowing in case of repairing a branch

WACS bandwidth options

10Gbit/s client transmission at STM-64, 10G – Clear channel, OTU-2, OTU-2e, LAN and WAN PHY

100Gbit/s line transmission at Ethernet and OTN with bypass through intermediate stations

Use of MESH restoration architecture on the SDH platform.

Introducing WACS

The West Africa Cable System (WACS) is an ultra-high capacity fibre optic submarine cable which links Europe, West Africa, and South Africa. It is a 4 pair fibre system that stretches 14,500 km connecting 14 countries over two continents.

WACS is owned and operated by a consortium of international and African carriers. Originally launched in 2012, it was deployed with 10G technology, and an initial design capacity of 5.12Tbit/s.

To respond to the growing demand for bandwidth and increasing reliance on the internet, WACS was upgraded to 100G, with additional design capacity to 14.5Tbit/s. The added capacity boosts performance and reliability and enhances international communications between Africa and Europe and the rest of world.

African internet bandwidth experienced the most rapid growth of internet growth, growing at a compounding rate of 44% between 2013–2017.

(Source: Telegeography Global Internet Geography research 2017)

Why partners choose WACS

Route diversity

Provides diversity for other cables in West Africa, the African continent, India and Asia

Cost efficiency

Bundled pricing with other cable systems

Fast and resilient platform

Suitable for high-bandwidth demands of new technology and applications

Extended reach

Seamless connectivity to anywhere in the world

Industry recognition


Best Global Wholesale Carrier - Data
Global Carrier Awards 2017
Capacity Media

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