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Middle East – Europe Terrestrial Cable System (MEETS)

High speed, reliable connectivity from the Gulf Cooperation Council states to Eurasia


The Middle East-Europe terrestrial system (MEETS) is a 1,400km cable network, over the terrestrial electrical transmission network,  which connects the Gulf Cooperation Council states and Eurasia. It is a highly reliable diverse route, built using the latest technology, and addresses the growing need for high bandwidth services and offers unique access to the Gulf region

Product information

MEETS access points










Kuwait City

Meeting the high bandwidth demand of the Gulf region

The MEETS offers terrestrial connectivity to our undersea international cable landing station at Doha, Qatar, where customers can access onward connectivity to Eurasia from the GCC states. It is essential in supporting the exceptional growth across the Middle East by enabling flexible and programmable international connections for bandwidth services and increasing reliability and diversity.

Through its highly reliable, critical connectivity and increased network diversity into Europe, the MEETS satisfies the regions extremely high growth

High-capacity, scalable, wholesale network services

The MEETS network is a 1,400km terrestrial cable carried via optical ground wire over the Gulf Cooperation Council Interconnection Authority (GCCIA) electrical transmission system. As the high-capacity fibre optic cable system is built alongside the existing power transmission network, it is cost-effective and reliable, providing reduced service latency and geographic diversity across the Middle East.

The MEETS will have an initial capacity of 200Gbps and is using Ciena’s converged packet optical networking solutions to give regional and international carriers, as well as local and global ICT companies, access to high-capacity, scalable, wholesale network services extending network reach, enabling high-bandwidth enterprise and data centre traffic and facilitate LTE 4G mobile expansions.

Benefits of MEETS

Cost-effective and reliable

MEETS is highly cost-effective and reliable because it was built alongside the existing electrical transmission system

Geographically diverse

Our MEETS network reduces service latency and increases route diversity across the Middle East

Serving carriers and ICT companies

Giving regional and international carriers, as well as local and global ICT companies access to high-capacity, scalable, wholesale network services

Industry recognition


Best Global Wholesale Carrier - Data
Global Carrier Awards 2017
Capacity Media

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