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Europe India Gateway (EIG) Submarine Cable System

High bandwidth fibre optical cable system spanning 15,000 km between Europe, the Middle East and India


Our Europe-India gateway (EIG) submarine cable system offers high-speed, low latency 100Gbit/s connectivity with 12 countries across three continents

Benefits of EIG

Route diversity

EIG offers route diversity for internet traffic, connecting with the Middle East, Africa and India

Cost efficiency

Pre-agreed access and cross-connect rates at all landing points

Bundled pricing with other cable systems

Fast and resilient platform

Advanced technology with new routing for enhanced resilience

100Gbit/s wavelength technology compatible with submarine cables

Suitable for high bandwidth-intensive applications, such as video, digital commerce and voice

Extended reach

EIG enables high bandwidth onward connectivity to the US, East Africa and Asia through existing cable systems

EIG bandwidth options

EIG capacity is available with options for lease and IRU

Bandwidth is offered flexibly, ranging from STM-1 to STM-64, with 10Gbit/s and 100Gbit/s options

10Gbit/s client transmission at STM-64, 10Gbit/s – Clear channel, OTU- 2, OTU-2e, LAN and WAN PHY

100Gbit/s client transmission at Ethernet and OTN with bypass through intermediate stations

Use of MESH restoration architecture on the SDH platform

Investment led by Vodafone

We're a tier-one investor in the EIG, which was built by a consortium of 16 telecommunications carriers to create resilient interconnections between Europe and Indi over 15,000 route kilometres.

Launched in February 2011, EIG was upgraded in February 2015 to enhance its capacity as this connectivity route is a key to meeting the growing and varied business needs of organisations operating across Europe, North Africa, the Middle East and India.

EIG offers an extensive 100Gbit/s capability, providing diversity from other submarine cable systems. It is the only consortium cable system that can support connectivity from Europe to Dubai in the UAE, and can be used to extend our Bay of Bengal Gateway traffic from Oman or Mumbai into Africa and Europe.

Benefits of EIG

analyst-view - red

Fuel growth

EIG can help fuel growth for large corporate organisations who are looking for a resilient platform to meet high bandwidth requirements

Extending services

EIG spans 15,000 km connecting 12 countries across 3 continents and provides fast direct access between Europe and India with multiple points of onward connectivity to the US, Africa and Asia

Industry recognition


Best Global Wholesale Carrier - Data
Global Carrier Awards 2017
Capacity Media

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