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Vodafone IP Transit

Fast and reliable internet connectivity over our wholly owned global IP network enabling carriers and service providers to send and receive traffic over the public internet

Ensures access to over 523.5m eyeballs (mobile & broadband users) & leading content. This, coupled with our extensive fixed access networks, enables Vodafone to offer low latency, high quality and reliable internet to Enterprise and Carrier customers.

Vodafone IP Transit service at a glance

IP Backbone

96 core points of presence (PoPs) across Europe, the USA, the Middle East, Africa and Asia handling 15Tbit/s of Customer traffic at any given time with 30+Tbit/s edge capacity across 5 continents


Direct peering with major backbones and content providers, with 225+ direct peers and growing

13 Tbit/s private peering capacity (Private Network Interconnects/PNI’s)

Member of 25 public exchanges globally

For more details on peering, visit:


Based on Juniper carrier-class architecture with strong resilience and capacity upgrade policies

1-100Gbit/s ports available

Product information

Key features


Best in the Market RTDs

Europe to Asia

Completed PNG

Top 10 Global ISP

For high quality, reliable Internet, handling 15Tbps Customer traffic with 30Tbps edge
capacity across 5 continents


Worldwide Reach

96 PoPs, 30 on-net Countries, Dedicated internet to 77 countries, Broadband  coverage in 13 countries, up to100G port throughput


Managed or Wires Only

Supply / manage your own on premises equipment or we do this for you


Site Connectivity Options

SLAs and performance to suit your budget

Network based features

Cost effective  method to improve performance and security  e.g. secure gateway and web security

24/7 support

We provide 24/7 support services

International internet bandwidth and traffic is growing at a 30% compound rate every year

Fast, reliable and extensive internet connectivity

Our wholly owned IP backbone is connected across Europe, the Middle East, Africa, the USA and Asia, using a diversified subsea portfolio that ensures capacity across multiple cable systems. We support stringent latency and jitter service levels between these regions and have invested significantly in our backbone capacity and diversity.

We also connect every country we serve with at least two highly diverse PoPs that we integrate into a fully meshed optical core architecture. Our backbone is engineered for resilience and redundancy at all levels with multiple protection paths and diverse routing options.

In the event of a failure, our IP backbone automatically deploys the most appropriate protection path, restoring traffic across the network even if there are several failures. Each access port typically supports 99.99% availability, and for additional resilience (for back-up or for simultaneous use), it is possible to order two access ports.

Partners can take advantage of our economies of scale

Our IP Transit service delivers significant cost, performance and bandwidth efficiencies with minimal backhaul and network hops for traffic to reach its destination.

Optimised for high speed and low latency internet connectivity, our core network carries over 10Tbit/s of customer traffic at any one time, with a worldwide capacity of 28Tbit/s.

Service providers can typically connect through an access port at a designated “meet-me” location and we can also supply last mile access circuits, subject to location.

Access port bandwidths typically range from 155Mbit/s SDH and 1-100Gbit/s Ethernet speeds, which can be ordered with flexible billing options and global discounts available.

Vodafone’s global IP backbone provides the extensive connectivity required to serve customers, offering tier 1 capabilities in Europe, widespread coverage in the USA, the Middle East, Africa and Asia, and connectivity to major content distribution networks and millions of eyeballs.

Why partners choose Vodafone IP Transit


Extensive global internet connectivity

Our IP backbone is one of the most reliable and free flowing internet backbones in the world, extending reach with a leading cost base


Innovation and expertise

Our backbone was one of the first to support multicast traffic and has been supporting dual stack IPv4/v6 since 2001

Leading DDoS and BGP route hijack security support


Excellent service experience

Network expertise and service support with industry leading SLA’s and 24x7 proactive monitoring

RSVP-TE (Resource Reservation Protocol – Traffic Engineering) is enabled to keep the core congestion free with the lowest possible RTD (Round Trip Delay)


Industry recognition


Best Global Wholesale Carrier - Data
Global Carrier Awards 2017
Capacity Media

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About Vodafone Carrier Services

Vodafone’s Carrier Services (VCS) division manages the commercial relationships with over 1,000 communications service providers globally and offers a broad portfolio of voice, network connectivity and messaging services.

Vodafone has one of the most reliable and wide-reaching global networks that spans across and between Europe, North America, the Middle East, Africa and Asia-Pacific. It is ranked in the Top 10 Global Internet Providers and for the fourth consecutive year is the world’s largest international voice carrier.

Through a single connection to Vodafone, a service provider can support its worldwide communication needs and access the unrivalled scale and extended global reach of Vodafone’s network, benefiting from the same quality management used to support its own global customers.