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Connected Living App

Connecting people to independent living

We believe technology can make a big difference to people who need day-to-day guidance & care, supporting them with the little tasks that help them to feel more independent.
Connected Living is a powerful digital care service that helps transform the lives of care recipients, their families and care givers using Vodafone’s marketing leading IoT platform.

How does it work?

Connected Living isn’t just about delivering connectivity – it’s about providing a powerful platform that helps transform the lives of care recipients, their families and care givers.

  • Multiple features have been included to help users to create reminders, daily schedules and to do lists to make everyday activities more manageable.
  • These could be functional activities, such as taking medication or putting the bin out but also perfect for the more aspirational goals that they’d like to work to achieve.
  • The call support function allows one-touch video calls to care givers and loved ones, as well as access to instant remote support via a panic button.
  • Features such as My talk provide another way for people with speech difficulties to communicate via text, speech and images.
  • Through connected devices and sensors throughout the home, both carers and care recipients can centrally manage their living space to ensure greater safety and independence.

Features and benefits

Discover the main features of the app

My Day

My Day enables users to create reminders for everyday activities.

My Talk

Provides people with speech difficulties another way to communicate via text, speech and images; provides care givers with the opportunity to delivers personalised messages from loved ones (rather than via an automated voice such as Alexa).

Shopping List

Users can plan and create shopping lists and tick off items they’ve bought.

How To

How To allows for the creation of visual guide that support everyday tasks.

To Do List

Users can create simple to do lists and tick off tasks throughout the day, such as taking medication; washing the pots; putting the bin out; or preparing for a visit from a loved one. It can also be used to set aspirational goals to work towards, such as visiting a new country or learning a new skill

Call Support

Users can access remote support via panic button and one-touch video calls to support workers.

Who is it for?

Connected Living supports care givers, helping to alleviate the pressures they experience as well as more choice in how they can deliver care.

Connected Living is ideal for:

  • Local authorities
  • Private care organisations
  • Charities
  • Any organisation that supports people with age related difficulties and learning disabilities.

Connected Living for those who care

Asset 10

Supporting those who live to care

Image 6

Makes care more impactful

By encouraging independence, care givers can spending less time on little, daily-to-day tasks.
Image 6-1

Offers greater insight

Alerts care givers to unusual behaviours via connected devices from around the home.
Image 6-3

Enables better planning

Makes scheduling easier, helping care givers manage their day to support multiple people.
Image 6

Provides a vital connection

Connects care givers to other care givers to share experiences & updates.
Image 6-4

Frees up time

Provides support with simple yet time-consuming everyday admin tasks.

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