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Inspiring independent lives

Digital care service that supports people with the little tasks that help them to feel more independent

Connected Living from Vodafone Business Ventures | An introduction

We believe technology can make a big difference to people who need day-to-day guidance & care, supporting them with the little tasks that help them to feel more independent.

The Connected Living digital care service has been developed to support these individuals whilst at the same time connecting them to their care givers.

Supporting these who matter the most


How does it work?

Shaping the future of care

Addressing key challenges within the care community

In a world where the number of people with care needs is on the rise, it's vital to improve and optimise the support they receive.

Equally, it’s crucial to help care givers work as efficiently as possible – and in a way that suits their unique approaches and lifestyles. However, there are multiple challenges to overcome.

The number of people over the age of 80 is expected to surge over the next 30 years across Europe, adding further strain on care providers. In addition, 9 out of 10 people in Europe die of chronic conditions and 80% of healthcare funding is currently spent on treating them, meaning budgets are tighter than ever despite the increasing demand for care.

At Vodafone Business Ventures, we want to help more people overcome these challenges with innovative technology.

We believe that digital technology can support care givers to optimise the time they spend providing care and help care recipients enjoy more independent yet connected lives.