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Vodafone Global Enterprise (VGE) Customer Terms

VGE Services alphabetically (A-Z)

Central Ordering

Cisco Collaboration Flex

Co-Location Services

Dedicated Ethernet Services

Dedicated Internet Access

Device Lifecycle Management

Ethernet Wireline and Ethernet VPN

Global LAN/WAN

Global Managed IoT Connectivity and Global IoT Devices

IoT Integrated Remote Monitoring and Control Services

IoT Mobile Asset Tracking

IoT Professional Services

IoT VAR specific Managed Connectivity and Integrated Terminals

Managed Firewall Services

Management Service Terms

Network Mobile Recording

Private Cloud and Managed Hosting

Vodafone Device Manager (Mobile Iron)

Vodafone Managed Messaging

Vodafone Media Recording

Vodafone Meet Anywhere (Audio conferencing)

Vodafone Meet Anywhere (video conferencing)

Vodafone Mobile Connectivity (Voice and Data)

Vodafone Secure Device Manager

Vodafone Telecoms Reporting