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From labs to patients

Supporting you across the vaccine process

Helping you in the global vaccine effort

Our IoT and Cloud solutions, powered by our connectivity, are transformative digital tools, not just technologies. The goal is to make the critical journey from labs to patients a smooth one.

They allow us to support our customers every step of the way, from the moment vaccines are being tested, to the time they are manufactured and then delivered to healthcare professionals around the world.

This includes making sure the critical journey from labs to patients is as agile and resilient as possible, so more patients can be efficiently treated and lives saved.

For us at Vodafone Business, improving vaccine delivery times is just the first step towards building a more efficient and transparent healthcare supply system. Together, we can make the impossible possible.


Obtaining data is critical in the clinical trials of potential pharmaceutical treatments to support accurate and timely approvals. Our solutions simplify data collection, contributing to the overall development process.


Deploying digital technologies is key in vaccine production. With IoT, Mobile Private Networks and Edge Computing, manufacturers can have a comprehensive view of the production process from start to finish.


Specific temperature requirements to transport vaccines requires close oversight, both in transport and storage. By providing full-scale monitoring with IoT and automation, we make sure that you have visibility and control over your assets.


A successful vaccination programme needs careful coordination of the supply chain and the administration process at the vaccination site. We can help facilitate this by coordinating information in busy vaccination centres with our communication solutions.

mVacciNation: A technology for life


Did you know?

We are recognised as a global leader in IoT with more than 112 million connected devices in over 180 countries – with 20 million of these being medical devices.
We have the largest number of roaming partners. We are offering multiple networks in a country because we know that medical devices have to be available whenever and wherever patients or clinicians need them.
We are Europe’s largest 5G network and we are growing every month. We are also the first Amazon Web Services Wavelength Multi-Access Edge Computing partner in Europe.