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Vodafone Business Remote Worker Connectivity

Connect to a smarter way of remote working

Dependable, seamless, high-quality connectivity

Realise the full potential of remote working by supplying your employees with a reliable and dedicated business broadband line and 4G MiFi back-up with our Remote Worker Connectivity solution – and enjoy peace of mind that your employees can continue to work efficiently from home while keeping your customers happy.

Remote working: on the rise and here to stay

The benefits of remote working are becoming more apparent. Post-pandemic, some organisations are announcing their intention to close offices permanently and encouraging employees to work from home - others are empowering workers by offering a more hybrid working environment going forward.

However, there are still challenges. Employees who find themselves sharing an internet connection with other household members and multiple devices will recognise how disruptive unreliable Wi-Fi can be.



of remote workers had suffered from an unpredictable broadband connection*


of remote workers had to put up with slow Internet speeds.*

What’s in it for you?

Connect to a smarter way of remote working with Vodafone Business and give your remote teams all the right tools and support they need to work productively from home:

Business broadband at home

Providing your remote workers with their own dedicated business broadband line means they no longer have to share their home broadband

Reliable 4G back-up

The ready-to-use 4G Mi-Fi device acts a reliable back-up connection, as well as helps your employees get up and running quickly during broadband installation

Hassle-free installation

We manage everything – from installing the broadband line into your employees’ homes, to sending the Mi-Fi device direct to their address


Simple and cost-effective

The Mi-Fi device comes with data included, so you won’t have to worry about any unexpected costs at the end of each month

Enhanced service support

Our B2B helpdesk-to-helpdesk support is fully accessible 24/7, with enhanced 8-hour SLAs

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Why Vodafone?

We’ve supported 2.5m home workers for our customers during COVID-19, and added 4Tbps of additional network capacity to meet demand

Our networks handle 20% of the world’s internet traffic and we support over 600m mobile users across the world every day

Our teams are constantly developing our services and solutions to meet your needs – with our solutions experts working with customers to help drive new improvements