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Remote Working Solution

Help your people work efficiently, from anywhere

With more of your people now working remotely, it’s crucial for your business to have the right long-term solutions in place. You don’t need complexity or compromises – you need unified technology that’s reliable, flexible and simple to manage.

Our Remote Working Solution brings together everything – from connectivity and devices, through to security. So, your entire workforce can work efficiently from anywhere and you can stay in control of the costs.

Build a future-ready workplace

Adapt for today, prepare for tomorrow.

Help your people work efficiently from anywhere with long-term, reliable remote working solutions that let you control costs and improve security. From devices to data connectivity, our solutions have everything you need to keep remote workers up and running.

See how our solutions can help you enable remote working in our ebook, and build a business that’s ready for what’s next.

Tailored solutions

Our flexible solutions are designed for flexible working.

Vodafone keeps your employees safely connected wherever they choose to work

Work and collaborate securely and effectively when out of the office or on the move

Increasingly parts of the workforce are working remotely, either at home or onsite at a customer or supplier or even on the move. To do this effectively, they need access to the same tools as in the office, with even greater collaboration capabilities. See how a range of tools, including broadband, cyber security, and cloud enable employees to work with enhanced productivity.
The Connected Workday from Vodafone Business (02:16)

Work differently

Enable all your people to work in the way that’s best for them – and for your business. Learn how our dedicated Back to Work Consultancy can help you optimise efficiency, productivity and job satisfaction for every employee.

Rebuilding the future of work

First-hand perspectives on the impact of COVID-19: the good, bad and transformative

“We have to go forward with new ways of working, new tools, new technology to be able to keep creating in a different set up”

COVID-19 has forced changes to the way we work — from a mass shift to remote working, to social distancing measures and virtual interactions. We interviewed 10 employees across Vodafone to get their perspectives on the impact of lockdown, wellbeing in the workplace and technology’s role in preparing for the future.

The Future of Business Webinar Series

If you still have questions around the new way of working, don’t miss our series of webinars looking at the future of business. Experts from across Vodafone and guest speakers will be discussing the challenges businesses are facing, looking at our own research from our Future Ready report. We’ll also focus on topics such as whether technologies that have been implemented are geared up to the future and how we can support our customers.

What does remote working really mean for businesses?

The COVID-19 pandemic has normalised remote home working. Millions of businesses have been forced to become more flexible and, for many, their new ways of working look set to stay – and not just for the short term. Read our latest research to discover how ‘future ready’ businesses are embracing these new challenges and adapting for the future.

Image-79 percent

of future ready businesses said their technology is a strength that will help them make changes easily.

Image-29 percent

of future ready businesses agree that the best time to experiment with new ways of working is during crises like COVID-19.


On average, future ready businesses have made 2.6 new technology investments. Among all businesses, it’s 1.6.

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