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Mobile and data tariffs

Mobile voice and data tariffs for businesses

Boosting the productivity of your global workforce

Vodafone Red tariffs for enterprises, now 5G ready, keep you and your employees connected worldwide. A single supplier, consistent tariffs across multiple countries and one global contract makes it easy to control, predict and reduce your mobile communications spend.

Vodafone Red Global Enterprise

How does it work?


How does it work


Vodafone Red for Global Enterprise

Vodafone Red Global Enterprise

How does it work?


Vodafone Red Enterprise Bundles

How does it work


Benefits of our mobile and data tariffs

Worry-free roaming

Your global workforce can be productive, without you worrying about bill shock with our competitive rates.

Always on the right data plan

Whether you are looking for flexibility or predictability, our cost-effective, innovative plans address your needs.

Commercial simplicity

One single contract, eliminating the complexity of country-by-country contracts and allowing for clear and consistent billing

Flexible, efficient options for each user group

Employees will be productive wherever they are working - on the road, at a client site or at home - without worrying about the high cost of data or voice on each device. No matter how employees use their device: voice and data, voice only or data-only, our plans provides a cost-effective solution.

Get the job done, wherever you are.

Employees in Europe can enjoy worry-free roaming in more than 130 destinations.

Take your home tariff abroad

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Next-generation mobile connectivity


Enterprise mobile strategy guide

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Why Vodafone?

Wherever you’re based, we’re there

Around the globe, our network reaches 184 countries.

The complete package

We provide the underlying transport network, the virtual overlay, and the platform to prioritise everything.

We are a Leader

Vodafone named as a 2023 Leader in Global Enterprise Mobility Services by GlobalData